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Let's Shop

Tuesday 18th August

Today we will head off to Adelaide to visit a few different outlets to see what is on offer.

Our first stop will be at IKEA and after allowing a good amount of time we will have lunch there and then go into the Rundle Mall to visit “Lush”(a great place to pamper yourself, you deserve it & others. Maybe even Christmas gifts for the family). Lush products are all natural and free from animal testing. A fantastic place to visit. Try a bubble tea for the first time or just roam the shops. The amount of walking is as much as you want it to be.

Departure times & Locations:

Greenock: BD 7:00 am

Kapunda: Hst 7:20 am

Nuriootpa: Fw 7:45 am, PRd 7:50 am, BP 7:55 am

Tanunda: OTR 8:05 am, LRd 8:10 am, BRG 8:15 am

Lyndoch: OpVG 8:30 am

Gawler: FsPs 8:50 am

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National Military Vehicle Museum 

Tuesday 22nd September

Today we venture to Edinburgh to view the amazing selection of military vehicles and items.

Majority of the vehicles are owned by the society members and have not just been rebuilt to authentic running condition but are also road registered and driven. The range of items in the museum range from the First World War to current times.

$65.00 per person (includes travel entrance fee, tour, morning tea & lunch)

Departure times & Locations:

Greenock: BD 7:30 am

Kapunda: Hst 7:55 am

Nuriootpa: Fw 8:20 am, PRd 8:30 am, BP 8:35 am

Tanunda: OTR 8:45 am, LRd 8:50 am, BRG 8:55 am

Lyndoch: OpVG 9:15 am

Gawler: FsPs 9:30 am

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Monarto Zoo

Sunday 11th October

A good family day with a picnic lunch at Monarto Zoo. This is our usual visit and this year we will again stay at Monarto Zoo all day. We should arrive at about 9.30am having enough time for morning tea etc. before our 1 ½ hour tour of the park at 10.30 am.


 Monarto Zoo has been acclaimed to be the Best Open Range Zoo in Australia. with During the 1 ½  hour tour we travel through both the African and Asian grasslands exhibits to view animals such as Giraffes, white and black Rhinos, Cheetahs, Lions, Painted Dogs, Hyenas, Zebras, Mongolian Wild Horses and a variety of Deer species. A fantastic tour guide to take us around in our own coach


 Spread the word to your families, as this is the best way for children to see the Zoo. We can take two coaches so no need to worry about space! We do have a family price all I need is a few particulars.



Lunch will be set up and ready to serve about ½ an hour after the tour ends. After lunch, you may like to walk over to the Chimpanzees and the Meerkat's and see what else there is around the place. Departure time from the park will be 3.30 pm.


 We would appreciate that if you have a fold up chair to bring it along. Please mark it clearly in an easy to see place.

Departure times & Locations:

Greenock: BD 6:30 am

Kapunda: Hst 6:55 am

Nuriootpa: Fw 7:25 am, PRd 7:35 am, BP 7:40 am

Tanunda: OTR 7:45 am, BRG 7:50 am

Lyndoch: WtRd 8:10 am, Williamstown 8:25 am. 

Gawler (Separate pick up): 7:45 am. 

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